G3-01-SCR [Yu-Gi-Oh card] "Dynamis-Vu~arukiria" (Sealed Pack) [Secret Rare] (japan import) - B00BK4FAL4

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    • G3-01-SCR [Yu-Gi-Oh card] "Dynamis-Vu~arukiria" (Sealed Pack) [Secret Rare] (japan import) - B00BK4FAL4
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  • Unopened specification which was in the bag of one-touch sleeve size of transparency! : Junior monster attributes of light-angel tribe who appeared in three holy war God advent card comes with Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters III.

  • The attacker of light attribute-Fairy, such as "agent of Jupiter miracle" "Cherub Harvest", "U~ikutoria" ... are preferred.

  • However, because this card is a Normal Monster, can be utilized by the sentence, such as [God's] light and [ritual Tenma God] to input along with the "Higher ritual art".

  • You can and summoning cost of Tenma God after sending to the Graveyard with "art ritual higher" in the former, it can be the cost of "sentence of the light God" even if that had come to hand in the latter.

  • Further, when employing the "who weave wings" is usually Monster same optical attributes, Fairy, can be used as lower attacker can share support card.

  • Angel of light brave 4 / light attributes / Fairy / Ghost in the 1800 / Mamoru [1050] Normal Monster star. The strong sense of justice because, I do not run away never even in the fight against evil you know that lose.

    G3-01-SCR [Yu-Gi-Oh card] "Dynamis-Vu~arukiria" (Sealed Pack) [Secret Rare] (japan import) - B00BK4FAL4

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